Family Games – Bringin’ it Back!

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When I think back to my childhood and the good memories I have with my family I realized that many of them are related to games.  I have many other great memories from sports, school, outings, friends, true.  When I think back to the great times that I have had interacting and hanging out with my family however, many of the memories that come to the forefront of my mind are when we would all sit down on the living room floor together and play family games.  These are games that I still play with my family and with friends.  Some of the games that I was, and are still, obsessed with are Clue, Life, Sorry, Scategories, and Rumikub.  These times that my family would all sit around a board, television, off, no cell phones just enjoying each others company are some of the fondest I have because they are not tainted by outside distractions.

Many families will try and get the whole gang together and participate in something fun that is outside of the home, ends up costing a bunch of money, and there always seems to be some sort of a disagreement.  Board game night with the family is underrated in this day and age but if you turn the phones on silent, make the TV black and get everyone in the living room together, you will end feeling nostalgia for your childhood as well as creating great memories for your kids!

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